Sense and Non-sense – A Festival of Absurdism @ Centrum Berlin

Being and Event

Sometimes reading and understanding feels like pushing a rock up a hill. This work forms part of a collection of book reading performances that began in 2006 with The Myth of Sisyphus.

20h Friday 15.11 Evening of Absurdism # 2:
Via Skype from New Zealand, Christina Read will present 'Being and Event' a performance starting at 8pm.
From 9pm Hannah Murgatroyd will read her text: ‘Anatolia Sunrise’ from Hours Told. A collection of twelve short stories, one for each of the twelve hours of the day.

The starting point for Sense and Non-sense – A Festival of Absurdism is the texts of Albert Camus and Søren Kierkegaard. The fundamental contradiction of purposelessness of the human condition to find meaning in life, this conflict leads to the absurd. Camus ascertains that the anxiety from the absurd is what drives artists to create. An absurd artist should be content with describing and highlighting personal aspects of life (within the world they inhabit) rather than hoping for anything more. Camus also writes about language, as a tool for explanation but an absurd writer would create a world through images rather than attempting to explain matters.