Window On-Site exhibition space, General Library Foyer, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand - 2006

Curated by Stephen Cleland and Michelle Menzies, the focus of this installation was the projected booklist video, fashioned in the style of film credits of books I wanted to read. The installation was accompanied by vinyl lettering on the glass of the window; the accumulation of all the authors’ names naturally evoked a memorial. Placed to the left of the installation was a small sculpture which added to the pathos of it all. The project started as a simple list of books I’d like to read, the subjects ranged from existentialist novels to books on crime by Agatha Christie. As the credits play there is a building sense of the cultural mass of these art/literary references; their weights combine and snowball together, the longer the viewer remains. Mozart’s Fifth Symphony accompanied the video; in part, the work was about the desire for knowledge and change.